Best Diaper Wipes for Sensitive Skin

Are you planning to buy a new diaper wipes for sensitive skin? I hope you enjoy my selections and find a perfect gorgeous diaper wipes for sensitive skin for you!

Choosing a right diaper wipes for sensitive skin can be a bit mind boggling to say the least. I have made this page to feature some of the best diaper wipes for sensitive skin that are available today so I hope it will help in making your decision a bit easier.

No more hesitation. For the sake of your families, buy a diaper wipes for sensitive skin.

Finding the Best Diaper Wipes for Sensitive Skin

Pampers Sensitive Wipes 12x Box with Tub 768 Count

Clinically proven mild Pampers Sensitive Wipes help restore babies natural skin balance while gently cleaning at the same time. They are also perfume and alcohol free they are dermatologist tested and they work great on the hands and face.

Consumer Reports
  • “They are great for sensitive skin and work very well.” – flutacious7
  • “My daughter has sensitive skin, and the wipes have never caused any adverse reactions.” – Theresa MacNeil
  • “They aren’t too thick or too thin, and they’re very sturdy.” – Jamie Meeks

Pampers Sensitive Wipes (192 Count, Pack of 4)

Clinically proven mild, Pampers Sensitive Wipes help restore babies’ natural skin balance while gently cleaning at the same time. They’re also perfume and alcohol free, they are dermatologist tested, and they work great on the hands and face.

Product Ratings
  • “I love these wipes for my son’s very sensitive skin.” – Juliette M. Kerr
  • “I’ve tried other brands like Huggies when I’ve been in a jam, and like these Pampers Sensitive wipes the best by far.” – Kelly K
  • “They are very moist and very soft thin wipe.” – Betty

Pampers Sensitive Wipes 12x Pack 744 Count

Changing your baby can be one of the most loving moments of the day. With Pampers Sensitive wipes unique Softgrip Texture your baby will enjoy less wiping for more gentle cleaning.

Product Research
  • “These wipes are awesome but u can save urself waiting for them to arrive mail by buying the same exact value pack at SAMs club that is if your a member.” – proud parent
  • “My daughter has excema and extremely sensitive skin.” – LMommy
  • “They make it easier to pull out just one wipe and last much longer.” – Dr. Seuss

Pampers Sensitive ThickCare 3X Wipes 180 Count (Pack of 4)

Get gentle cleansing with our best-cleaning Sensitive wipe. Sensitive ThickCare Wipes cleanse gently for your new baby’s comfort and are 20% thicker than our regular sensitive wipes.

Diaper Wipes for Sensitive Skin Reviews
  • “I have tried many different wipes (different kinds of Huggies wipes, Parents’ Choice, Target brand, Kirkland, and every kind of Pampers wipes) and these are the best!” – Karina
  • “I couldn’t be happier with these wipes and the fact that I get the subscribe and save discount along with the scheduled deliveries.” – B. Vincik
  • “They are nice and thick and do not irritate my babys’ very sensitive skin.” – lap

Wet Ones Flushables Personal Cleansing Wipes with Aloe, Vitamin E & Witch Hazel, 56 Count Tub
Wet Ones

Soothes & Refreshes NaturallyAlcohol FreeHypoallergenicWet Ones® Flushables™ wipes have a gentle cleansing formula with natural botanicals – aloe and witch hazel – to soothe as they clean.

  • “These leave me feeling fresh and clean with no disgusting white flakes left behind.” – Toucan
  • “The wipe is large enough and thick enough to get the job done.” – Gladys Clark
  • “They started out fine, but dried out in the closed box within a week.” – sjw

Clearly Herbal - Voted the #1 Natural Baby Wipes in the World - Looking for a Healthier and Safer Alternative? - Helps Reduce and Eliminate Diaper Rash - Natural Herbal Sensitive Baby Wipes - 960 Wipes (12 Pack) 80 Count - MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
Clearly Herbal

Do you know what is in your babies baby wipes? The truth may shock you.As a parent we feel helpless and our heart aches when our child has a diaper rash.

Buying Guides
  • “Not only do they smell great, but they are soft, moisturizing, and work well in cleaning up “messes.”" – Terence C. Burnham
  • “They also have a fresh clean smell.” – Sara
  • “I’m happy to use these wipes on baby’s hands (that go in her mouth) and face.” – Mamma Kurylo

Huggies Sensitive Baby Wipes, Refill, 184-Count Pack (Pack of 3)

HUGGIES® Sensitive Baby Wipes are soft, gentle and hypoallergenic—a perfect way to provide gentle care for even sensitive, newborn skin. Plus, all HUGGIES® wipes are the thickest of any national brand, to handle even the biggest messes.

Customer Reviews
  • “Huggies sensitive wipes are by far the best wipes to use.” – Kelcie
  • “My daughter has very sensitive skin, and has had no issue at all with these wipes.” – Amy Mcfarland
  • “In addition to being one of the best wipes out there you really save money with them too.” – Rhianna Walker

Pampers Kandoo Flushable Wipes, Sensitive, 100 Count Refills (Pack of 6)

Kandoo Flushable Toilet Wipes clean up to 30% better than toilet paper! They’re moistened with lotion and pop up from the tub with the push of a button designed for little hands.

Product Reviews
  • “The scent is nice, and has the perfect amount of moisture to get the job done without feeling yucky.” – Susan Vanderhoof
  • “I was buying the walmart brand wipes because they are slightly cheaper per wipe-but these are SO much nicer!” – Chupachu
  • “Keep it simple, stupid.” – Reticuli

Pampers Sensitive Wipes Tub 64 Count (Pack of 8)

Changing your baby can be one of the most loving moments of the day. With Pampers Sensitive wipes’ unique Softgrip Texture your baby will enjoy less wiping for more gentle cleaning.

Buying Guides
  • “We love these wipes but they are MUCH cheaper at Target and Babies R Us.” – Music lover
  • “These wipes were very soft and cleaned my baby’s bum, nicely.” – J. Lee
  • “Top of the wipes were dry and all 8 packages were the same.” – Robin

Wet Ones Singles Sensitive Skin Individually Wrapped Hand Moist Wipes -24ct
Wet Ones

Wet Ones Sensitive Skin Moist Wipes – Count on Wet Ones wipes for a quick and easy way to clean up hands – anytime, anywhere! Alcohol and fragrance-free formula is gentle enough for even sensitive ski

Consumer Guide
  • “Excellent for cleaning hands and face or even for personal hygiene use.” – Mr. Gato
  • “I always keep these in my purse and car.” – Sandra Elam
  • “I have very sensitive skin and this did not irritate my skin one bit.” – Gadget Lover

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